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You will benefit when attending programs at the member price. Workshops and special events are held in our Arts Advocates Gallery where you can also enjoy an exhibit of paintings in our collection by renowned Sarsota Colony artists and the celebrated African-American Highwaymen. So don’t wait — join us by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Contact us for more information.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounted price to attend monthly programs featuring prominent speakers
  • Opportunity to learn about our diverse and thriving arts community
  • Inspire young artists through our scholarship program
  • Enjoy exclusive tours of private art collections
  • Join other members in cultural tours
  • Make new friendships by volunteering with other members


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“My biggest pleasure through the years has been reviewing and seeing all the wonderful youth talent in the arts. Offering them scholarships has been an incredible experience. The talent really blows me away and inspires my own artwork.”
~ Karen Mathis, member since 2014
“Joining Arts Advocates has been the most pleasurable decision I made since moving to Sarasota. I enjoy working toward goals that are important to me, and Arts Advocates provided me with many varied opportunities and the ability to make strong friends. These friends are important folks in my life and have contributed to my enjoyment of Sarasota for the past 15 years.”
~ Vern Weitz, member since 2007