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So, You Want to Play the Piano

Have you ever dreamed that you could play the piano? Or maybe you yearn to strum the strings of a guitar. It's never too late to learn to play a musical instrument.

You don't need to become the next Vladimir Horowitz or Eric Clapton. It's only important to challenge yourself by learning a skill that you can enjoy for yourself. Music is fun and also good for your brain. How do you get started and where do you find an instrument to play?

Sarasota Music Schools

This list is by no means complete, and not meant as an endorsement, but there are a surprising number of music schools in Sarasota. While most are geared to children, they also offer adult and private lessons. Here are three I found in a web search.

The Music Compound offers "lessons for all ages, instruments and genres…our memberships offer a variety of services for all ages and stages."

Sarasota Music Conservatory offers both adult and children's classes. Luca Stine, one our Arts Advocates scholarship winners, attended (his jazz ensemble is performing at Selby Gardens on February 17th).

The Suzuki Institute School of Music offers piano lessons, as well as violin, cello, saxophone, clarinet and voice lessons.

Many schools offer online lessons, too. If you don't own an instrument, you can rent one before buying it. Cadence Music rents by the month and your payments can be applied towards the purchase of the instrument if you decide to buy.

I wrote earlier that you can "challenge" yourself in learning an instrument. It is a challenge and you need to be disciplined in the early days of your experience while navigating in unfamiliar territory.

Practice, practice

To succeed, you must practice.

I know that from my own experience in learning to play the cornet. I was 10 years old when I accepted an invitation from the music director of my school to start lessons. I wanted to quit after the first week but I had promised him I wouldn't so I plodded on. I'm so glad that I did.

I learned to read music, participated in my award-winning high school band's performances, and marched in front of Santa Claus in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for four years. Playing a musical instrument has enriched my enjoyment when listening to music and attending concerts.

I know that you, too, will love playing a musical instrument if you make the commitment to learning. 

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