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Scholarship Interview: Joshua Galindo, Motion Designer

 'Where Are They Now?' Past Scholar Interview

Joshua Galindo – Motion Designer, Los Angeles, CA

When Dr. Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College of Art + Design spoke at our Arts Advocates meeting this past November, I asked him to share his thoughts on why so many young art students today are concentrating in motion design versus traditional fine arts disciplines.  Dr. Thompson's answer was simply, "They can get a job right out of college."

That response made me think of RCA+D graduate and four-time Arts Advocates scholarship recipient Joshua Galindo.  An accomplished student, Joshua received numerous college awards and honors including Best of Ringling Motion Design in three categories.  He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in May, 2019 and on the day of his college graduation, Joshua took time to express his deep appreciation for our financial support in an interview on WEDU's Arts Plus television program.  Joshua shared with the viewers that "After the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota invested in me, I felt it was only right that I put everything I had into my education."

During his college years, Joshua was a student ambassador, private tutor and Motion Design teaching assistant at Ringling College's PreCollege program – an immersive 4-week program in which high school students from around the world live on campus and experience college-level curriculum in a variety of fields. He also produced work for the Sarasota Architecture Foundation, the 2017 PINC Creativity Conference and earned a regional ADDY Award. 

A visit to Joshua's website reveals much about the exceptional young man we have supported over the past four years.  His work is thoughtfully executed and compelling to view and I encourage you to click on the links to visit his website and demo reel In addition to computer-generated work you will also view photography, painting, graphic design and other examples of Joshua's artistic talent.  He likes to focus on simplicity and craft in his work, emphasizing expressive animation and mindful composition.  I think you'll agree that the quality, quantity and variety shown in of Joshua's body of award-winning work is impressive for someone of any age, let alone an artist in his 20's.

A digital advertising and design agency recruited Joshua during his senior year of college and he now resides in southern California.  Joshua notes, "Watson Design Group has been very exciting and enriching for my first job in Los Angeles.  I love being a part of the production of some of the best movies coming out of Hollywood.  My favorite part is getting to see the films before they come out.  It feels great to be able to support myself.  I have an apartment to myself that I love, a little extra income to enjoy lots of food and events, and gas for my car, even though those prices are a little ridiculous right now."  He adds, "Although the weather here is more consistently beautiful, I miss the coziness of Sarasota.  I catch myself daydreaming about the quiet of Siesta Key at night, clear starry skies, and the faithful Florida rain.  And of course, I'll always look back fondly on Ringling College and all of my good school friends."

On behalf of the members of Arts Advocates, I extend our congratulations to Joshua and wish him continued success in his career.

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