Coordinator for the Collection, Kristine Bundrant

Responsible for curating the current collection, acquiring new works, deaccessioning works, displaying and storing works as well as organizing the docent tours.

August 2019
Kristine Bundrant 

As Arts Advocates begins a new transition looking forward to our next fifty years, and with the advent of the Hintzpeter bequest, it is necessary to group together all committees with art objectives.

Included under the Collection umbrella are the Acquisition, Docents and Task Force Committees. As a team, we will make recommendations and manage the Art Collection currently hanging at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

The Collection tells the story of the historical importance of the beginning of the Sarasota School of Art as many of the artists are represented in the Collection. In researching the artists, it was noted that many have national and international recognition. This collection is recognized as being a collection of only Florida artists.

One of our current objectives includes a complete overview of our Collection, including its condition, value, placement and security. To that end, Mark Ormond, Curator at the Ringling College of Art and Design, has completed his assessment. Daphne Rosenzweig, also at Ringling College, has completed her appraisal. Their reports include how the Collection looks as a whole, and its current value.

Based on further information-gathering, recommendations regarding the Collection will be made to the Board and membership.

Coordinator for Member Activities and Programs, Tonya Eubank

Responsible for overseeing the following committees: Educational Tours, Workshops, Salons and Monthly Programs. The Coordinator also oversees the Program Committee that is responsible for booking speakers, is liaison to the Yacht Club staff, oversees hospitality and meeting site arrangements.

August 2019
Tonya Eubank

New Ideas, New Opportunities, New Friends!

Who knew that we could have an arts-focused, hands-on set of summer adventures, just for Arts Advocates members and friends? The idea had traction, and so it began—

Our first day trip in June included twenty Advocates members who toured the Art Ovation Hotel and its current exhibits in downtown Sarasota. It was a great treat to have the artist, Robert Doyon, give us a tour of his latest exhibition: Walkabout. He showed us abstract and conceptual works with deep connections to his experience and surroundings. To me,they seem to have a touch of aboriginal artwork and a microscopic DNA effect.

A tidbit: If you stay overnight at the Art Ovation Hotel, and you have the urge to play a violin, you can ring the front desk and they will bring one to your room! Or that there is a large sketch pad with pens in every room for you to create—and leave your sketch for the next guess to see.

The second activity this summer was a jewelry workshop. Sarah Skeeba’s beautiful home was a backdrop to tables of people creating one of a kind necklace. Member Judy Levine led us through the process of using the principles of symmetry, pattern, focal point and color balance. Can you imagine twenty Advocates running around searching through hundreds of little cups filled with beads, trying to find the perfect balances for our necklaces? The result: every participant went home with a one of a kind necklace.

Two more activities planned for the summer include a day trip to the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg. Dedicated to Contemporary American Studio Glass, the museum is currently home to more than 600 pieces of Studio Glass. One of the things members love about our activities is that we often get to see and do things that are not open to the general public. In this case, we will tour a third floor of private offices and home to founder Trish Duggan’s, own art glass pieces she created.

The last activity is a presentation by Jeannine Birbil at the home of club member Kris Gardel. What a privilege to spend the morning in a lovely private home while we learn about women artists.

Throughout all of the activities we did this summer, we learned a lot, laughed a lot and met new friends. All of our activities help us to carry on the mission of the organization:

To inspire creativity, advance education and connect the community to the arts.

Coordinator for Communication, Faith Perkins

Responsible for overseeing  Member Communication, Newsletter, Website, Email Distribution and Social Media.

August 2019
Faith Perkins

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Survey Monkey questionnaire! Over 80 members of Arts Advocates took the time to give very thoughtful responses which were overwhelmingly positive. But you also gave us some valuable feedback as to what we can do better. In the next few months as exciting changes take place, the Newsletter will have a new look with added features for your reading pleasure. Until then, we ask for your patience and understanding.

Co-Coordinators For Sustainability, Donna Maytham & Cynthia Burnell

Responsible for overseeing the Chairs of the following committees: Finance, Fundraising, Technology, Membership, Governance, Strategic Planning and Philanthropy (Scholarships, Community Outreach and Grants).

August 2019
Donna Maytham

Arts Advocates' major sources of funding for operations and philanthropic programs are membership dues, members' activities and donations received from generous members. Recently there has been a new emphasis on exploring sponsorships and foundation grants as additional sources of income.

In 2019, as the Fine Arts Society distributed a total of $89,884 by awarding $46,333 in scholarships to talented students pursuing careers in the arts and by granting $43,551 to local arts organizations including the Sarasota Film Festival.

A bequest of over $1,000,000 was received from the estate of Barbara Hintzpeter. Her will designates that the gift is to be used solely "for the purchase of art". Discussions are underway to determine the most effective ways to honor this former member's generous gift.

The Strategic Planning Committee effectively implemented a complete reorganization of the Board by introducing Coordinators to oversee individual committees and by assisting with the repositioning and rebranding of the organization's marketing and communication functions.

A collaboration between the Membership and Governance Committees resulted in bylaw revisions that facilitate immediate engagement of new members.

Transparency, inclusivity and diversity are newly established goals.

The Board of Directors is committed to applying the latest technology to streamline operations and ensure that members have the advantage of using the latest on-line programs and services.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”

- Jerzy Kosinski

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